Friday, May 11, 2012

Lady with Crazy Hair

A friend and I were discussing the scientific women we see on TV. You know, those women who testify about how AWESOME our solar system is, and how a black hole can suck everything up in it's path!

Then she mentioned how one specific lady represented herself....something along the lines below:

Image Courtesy of Science in Our World

No makeup. Messed up hair. She told me, "Couldn't she just put on a little mascara and comb her hair?! It takes like 30 seconds! And you're going to be on television!"

From there, she noted that she became a physics major to bring a better name...and the physics professor. 

I agree with her. Ladies, don't you want to revolutionize the way people look at engineers and scientists?


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Up

Image Courtesy of The Sweet Misery

I'm growing up. It's a fact. After dreaming to become an engineer for about 10 years, I'm almost here. In fact, I consider myself 'HERE'.

In Middle School, I aimed to get as-far in math as possible. And I did. 

In High School, my goal was to take Calculus and Physics by the time I finished. And I did.

In College, my goal was "To Do the Best I Can," get involved in Undergraduate Research, and have at least one internship. And I did.

Looking from the eyes of high school, there are some things I never would have imagined I would do:
  • Work for NASA
  • Work for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Move to Dallas, Texas on a whim
  • Live and work in Washington DC
  • Live and work internationally (To be done, but planned)
  • Present at 3 research conferences
  • Go to Ebay and get sent to New York City for Free.
  • Consider a PhD
  • Take such pride and value in engineering
Now what?  To be honest, it's unnerving not to have a specific goal. Do I get my Masters in Engineering and MBA? Or do I go for my PhD? Or do I just wait and see?

For you youngsters: All of the above is possible. Work hard, have fun, and keep your dreams in sight.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who creates iPhone apps?

Image Courtesy of HouseofPR

Have you ever thought about who designs the apps for iPhone and Android?

Engineers and computer scientists. It's one of the best combinations of design and engineering/computer science.  I've met many younger girls who had never thought about it.

I know as girls, there are many of us (but not me, haha) who are often torn by both design/fashion and engineering. I've met many of you.

But have you thought about Product Design? It's the ability to communicate with both the engineers (practicality) and the marketing team (customer attractiveness). I know you aren't there yet, but often, many hold-ups occur as a result of the inability to communicate the practicality and customer attractiveness. (I said "inability," not "unwillingness," haha).

Engineers have one vocabulary. Marketing people have another. It's a dilemma in many industries.

So what can you do to get involved?

  • Become well versed in 3D Modelling/CAD. 
  • Take art/marketing/design classes.
  • Join a design team. 
  • If the product is an app, learn how to program. (I can expand on this if need be).
  • Get to know people in the industry.
  • Practice!

Monday, May 7, 2012

National Academies Grand Challenges

Image Courtesy of the National Academy of Engineering

Remember my visit to and obsession with the National Academies in the Fall?

Are you not sure about what you want to do with your life? 

The National Academies of Engineering have developed a list of Grand Challenges...and maybe you should consider pursuing them for a career.  It may just give you a starting point.

For more information, click on a category or the link below. 

Happy Surfing!