The Bloggers

The Bloggers
A short introduction to some of our coolest regular bloggers

 Serena Carbajal
Mechanical Engineering
University of California Davis

Serena’s appreciation for math and stubborn attitude has stemmed back to kindergarten, when she reportedly demanded to her mother that 1 times 0 is 1.  In high school, she had the chance to visit NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory where engineering became real, and she forever credits the Girl Scouts for that opportunity. 
She currently attends UC Davis where she rides her bike along the luscious greenbelt while trying to dodge the fluffy, daring squirrels.  She studies Mechanical Engineering because it allows her to become an engineer without really choosing a subject. 
Serena is the founder of Engineering the Gap.  She likes to modern dance, hike, and critique the grammar and subject matter in technical manuals (See the EDM stands for Evil Demon Magic post).  A nerd at heart, she constantly strives to get other girls excited about engineering.  She aspires to earn her PhD. 

 Nassim Riazi
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
University of California Davis

Dancer. Writer. Builder. Designer. Runner. Chef. Artist. Dreamer. [Nerd]. Engineer. Nassim always dreamed of bigger things, not necessarily within the realm of reality, and that may have been what led her to engineering. As a child, she wanted to be the one creating devices to help bring the country into the 21st century. She wanted to change the world like the heroes and heroines of her novels.
Nassim is now working towards her dreams of one day making history as an engineering double major at UC Davis. She works with Autodesk as a Student Expert and is the co-founder and president of 3DMD, a club at UC Davis where she runs workshops teaching students various design software; providing them with an opportunity to sharpen their skills before going into the professional field. She is on the Board of Directors for SWE and works to help women engineers like herself succeed in the engineering field. She plans to go on to get her PhD and one day finish the novel she is working on.

Nicole Mihalko
Physics & Math
Keene State
Nicole is *takes out tape measure* practically perfect in every way. Alright, I suppose I should take this seriously and not steal Mary Poppins lines. I’m a Physics major at a school you’ve probably never heard of and have wanted to work in a STEM career since I was 10. If you want to imagine how much of a nerd I am, just picture this: I was always the kid that would be running around at night playing flashlight tag and then get distracted by all the wicked awesome stars in the sky and just stand there… which usually ended up in me getting tagged. Hopefully I’ll end up working at NASA and then get paid to be distracted by the sky.

Danielle Fogg
Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
University of California, Davis
Industry Professional: Nuclear Engineering

Danielle always had a passion for math and hands on activities. Whether it be building model airplanes or building mudpies in the backyard, she never saw any problem with getting her hands dirty. Danielle always loved the stars and wanted to be an astronaut, driving her into the Aeronautics field. Little did she know there was a height requirement and 4'10" was far too short to sit in a rocket. She pushed past her dreams of space into dreams of making the world a safer, happier place. This push landed her in the middle of a nuclear power plant (okay, not literally, but you get the idea.) 

When Danielle isn't busy being an engineer, she spends time writing for Engineering the Gap and maintains a photo blog Nice Nonsense.