Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Up

Image Courtesy of The Sweet Misery

I'm growing up. It's a fact. After dreaming to become an engineer for about 10 years, I'm almost here. In fact, I consider myself 'HERE'.

In Middle School, I aimed to get as-far in math as possible. And I did. 

In High School, my goal was to take Calculus and Physics by the time I finished. And I did.

In College, my goal was "To Do the Best I Can," get involved in Undergraduate Research, and have at least one internship. And I did.

Looking from the eyes of high school, there are some things I never would have imagined I would do:
  • Work for NASA
  • Work for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Move to Dallas, Texas on a whim
  • Live and work in Washington DC
  • Live and work internationally (To be done, but planned)
  • Present at 3 research conferences
  • Go to Ebay and get sent to New York City for Free.
  • Consider a PhD
  • Take such pride and value in engineering
Now what?  To be honest, it's unnerving not to have a specific goal. Do I get my Masters in Engineering and MBA? Or do I go for my PhD? Or do I just wait and see?

For you youngsters: All of the above is possible. Work hard, have fun, and keep your dreams in sight.



  1. That's amazing..
    So how old are you? :)

    1. I'm 22...and I haven't had to borrow money to do this, if you can imagine that.

    2. Well that's amazing!:)
      keep it up!;)