Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Minor Possibilities

When I was an Orientation Leader a few years back, I was asked the following question:

Which minor is most common among engineering majors?

Well, this is a difficult question because it shows the reality of majors don't typically obtain minors (unless they are willing to spend more than four years on their degree). 

For all of you contemplating engineering, this can be a total turn-off to the major.  I remember these moments when I was a freshman when many things happened...AP units didn't count toward actual classes, I wasn't going to be able to take a foreign language (if you want to finish in 4 years), all of the restrictions on General Education requirements (nothing seemed interesting and too liberal for me)...the disappointments go on and on.

However, the freshman experience is interesting.  You are involved with many people who are in the same boat as you.  And once you start talking to Seniors and Juniors in engineering, you're intrigued why they are so happy with their major! They can tell you all about the great experiences they've had and the honest homework loads. 

So my advice to the younger, but-not-so-young, students. Step back and listen to those before you. Life gets better, even though it may not seem ideal right now. Go join a club (while you have the time!). Have fun with your dorm-mates. Do something different...potentially not engineering-related. You'll thank us later :-)


Monday, March 12, 2012

SmartSite and MySpace

For all you UCD'ers, there is ONE tool that many people don't know about: Myspace.

No, no, this isn't the pre-Facebook social medium tool that we all came to love and hate. This is your when-your-flashdrive-doesn't-work-or-get's-lost flashdrive.  The university has a server that you can use to store your files and webpage links which...I think...can hold 2 GB.

So, how do you get to Myspace? Great question! 

  • Sign into SmartSite
  • "My Workspace"
  •  "Resources" (like you would for a class)
  • "Myspace Files"
  • From this interface, you can upload/download files, create folders (to keep yourself organized), and "Add Weblinks" for those moments when you need to save a webpage, but you're not at home.
There are also ways to directly upload via "My Computer." Directions for that can be found here.  Some prefer this way, especially if you are uploading many files simultaneously.

I know a lot of people (including engineers) don't know that this service exists.  Take advantage of it! Don't lose your files!


*It's also cool to note that you can make your own "Smartsite" through the "Site Setup" link.  I've used it for clubs and other design projects to keep track of things.