Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who creates iPhone apps?

Image Courtesy of HouseofPR

Have you ever thought about who designs the apps for iPhone and Android?

Engineers and computer scientists. It's one of the best combinations of design and engineering/computer science.  I've met many younger girls who had never thought about it.

I know as girls, there are many of us (but not me, haha) who are often torn by both design/fashion and engineering. I've met many of you.

But have you thought about Product Design? It's the ability to communicate with both the engineers (practicality) and the marketing team (customer attractiveness). I know you aren't there yet, but often, many hold-ups occur as a result of the inability to communicate the practicality and customer attractiveness. (I said "inability," not "unwillingness," haha).

Engineers have one vocabulary. Marketing people have another. It's a dilemma in many industries.

So what can you do to get involved?

  • Become well versed in 3D Modelling/CAD. 
  • Take art/marketing/design classes.
  • Join a design team. 
  • If the product is an app, learn how to program. (I can expand on this if need be).
  • Get to know people in the industry.
  • Practice!

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