Sunday, June 10, 2012

You Won't Know Until You Ask

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I an so sick and tired of people asking me if they should do something. (No, I'm not...actually I love it). Here are some examples:
  • Should I apply for ____ job?
  • Should I do this program?
  • Should I ask for money/to get paid?
  • Should I network with ____ ?
  • I want to get interested in ____. 
Girls, YES! If it's something you are interested in, THEN JUST APPLY. Here's why:
  1. What's the worst thing they would say? No? I doubt anyone is going to say, "You're fired" or "I hate you, never talk to me again."
  2. You aren't going to receive the opportunity unless you ask/apply.  When you look back on life, you're gunna say, "I should have just applied to MIT...even if I didn't get in....just to see if I could." I still regret not applying to MIT and Stanford for my undergraduate....
  3. What are you losing by applying/asking? Nothing! In one instance, someone was working for free (which happens with research). Sure, you're getting experience...but you aren't going to lose pay you don't even have!
  4. Even if you don't get it, you're name is out there. A few years back (freshman and sophomore year), I applied to every engineering internship possible.  I got a few interviews...but no internship. However, people still recognize me and see how I've grown over the years. Now, I go first on the pile because people recognize me.
  5. If you aren't sure, just apply- you can deny later. Especially with jobs and internships, they expect people to make other plans/ get other internships/life happens. *psss* Also, you're likelihood of getting the ONLY thing you apply for is very're likely not to get it anyway (no offense).
So stop asking me if you should do something, and just go do it! 

My motto: Do everything, but expect nothing. You'll eventually get something. :-D


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