Saturday, May 19, 2012

Study Music: Nassim's choices

There are a few things I honestly cannot do.
1: Wolf Whistle. Unless you'd like to be sprayed stay waaay back.
2: Play hand eye coordination sports. There's a reason the sports I played in high school only required being able to run straight.
3: Study without music. I suddenly acquire the attention span of a squirrel and every small noise distracts me.

So over the years I've whittled my choices down to a still very extensive playlist of wonderful composers and artists whom are great to study to. I tend to avoid songs with lyrics as me dancing and singing along in the library benefits no one.

Feel free to give these a listen and let me know what you think!
I've listed movie soundtracks that I love for the composers and my favorite songs for the artists.


Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori (Halo)
Danny Elfman (most of the Tim Burton Films)
Joe Hisashi (Most of the Hayao Miyazaki movie)
James Newton Howard (Peter Pan)
James Horner (Avatar)
Hanz Zimmer (Inception, Batman, Gladiator etc)
Dario Marianelli (Pride and Prejudice)
Phillip Glass (The Hours) - *NOTE: this is one of my all time favorite soundtracks
John Williams (Jurassic Park, ET, AI, HP 1-3)
Patric Doyle (Thor, HP Goblet of Fire)
Nicholas Hooper (HP 5 and 6)
Alexandre Desplat (HP Deathly Hallows, Benjamin Button)
John Powell (Bourne Identity, How to Train Your Dragon)
Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings)
Harry Gregson-Williams (Prince of Persia)
Atli Orvarsson (The Eagle)
Benjamin Wallfisch (Peter Pan)


The Album Leaf - Storyboard (Note these guys are from San Diego)
Glorie - Looking through the Mirror, Full Circle
Beats Antique - Mission (one of my FAVEs)
RJD2 - A Beautiful Mine
Omar Akram - Angel of Hope
Working for a Nuclear Free City - Asleep at the Wheel
Groove Armada - Inside My Mind
Massive Attack- Paradise Circus (they do the House theme song)
Erik Satie - No. 1 Lent Et Douloureux
Tommy Guerrero - Exzebache
Bonobo - Recurring
Lamb - Angelica (if any of you are LXD fans you'll recognize this)
Utada Hikaru - Exodus '044 (Double J Extended Mix) *NOTE: not really lyric-less I just like the song. The gamers out there might recognize her :))
and lastly my favorite:
Ronald Jenkees - Clutter
(Here's a piece I love done to the song


N. Riazi

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