Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Results are In!

This is an older post that I never got the chance to post...

I conducted a large amount of adhesive testing for the International X-Ray Observatory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  So I've decided to share it with you all! Below is a summary.  Feel free to ask questions!

So the setup for the mirrors looks like this! A primary and secondary mirror focus the x-rays to a focal point, like the picture below:
The mirrors are connected to the structure like this!
My job was to find the best adhesive that would have the most strength and creep the least. The CAD drawings of joint looks like this:
And the force analysis looks like the following:

So for my experiment, I created a block to create identical test pieces:

Then using a capacitance displacement sensor and force sensor, I created the following setup:

Which created force-displacement graphs like this (to find greatest strength):

and like this (to find % creep):

And I found out that Sodium Silicate was the best in strength and the least amount of creep.

What do you think?


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