Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vex Robotics Competition Part 1


So last week I was in Anaheim at the Vex Robotics competition representing Autodesk and not gonna lie, it was pretty dang cool. There were groups from all over the world and every team had their own team colors/shirts/costumes/mascots/chants. It was like the Quidditch World Cup...but for techies.

Over at Autodesk we had our own cool little booth set up where we did presentations and walked kids through the process of building be it coming up with ideas, figuring out what your constraints/limitations are, modeling, etc.

We also were giving out a ton of free stuff. Fun fact: glow sticks=being mobbed by children, and children at heart.

But I honestly have to say it was an amazing experience, I have never met so many people from so many different places at once. I met kids from Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Japan, New Zealand (I am so in love with that accent), and well as kids from all over the US. While there were a lot of people my age as well (it was 6th grade through college I believe) it was really great seeing the little ones getting into this sort of thing from such a young age.

I have the tendency to get long winded with these so you'll be seeing my other posts about the conference over the next couple weeks so keep checking back!


N Riazi

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