Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mac or PC?

The biggest question ever....
"Mac or PC?"

First of all, why is "Mac" first in this question? I think it may be a consequence of marketing...hmmm...

Personally, I'm a PC person...PC's are cheaper, have more variety, you can tinker more easily, most programs are available for PC...but mostly they're cheaper...

I don't want to bash Macs...however, these are the problems I've seen:
  • Program availability...but this is getting remedied quickly
  • CAD Problems....usually requires a dual partition (which requires work, and I'm lazy)
  • Trouble with converting to .pdf, .doc, .xls...I've just had a lot of problems...sorry :-(
  • Expensive...I don't have the money...really, I don't
So I guess this post is pro-PC. I have a PC for a reason...they cause problems that I don't wanna deal with.  Plus I'm cheap and lazy, lol.  So moral of the story: don't come to me when you have computer problems...I won't be able to help you :-(


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