Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ingenious Inventions Part I

So one of my life goals is to die with at least one patent.  There are some inventions that are so simple that I wish I came up with them by myself....but I didn't.

This post gives credit to the inventor of the air bag for your shipments, like the things that replaced styrofoam peanuts. (I'm not talking about bubble wrap....because that process is a little too complicated for this post.)
Think about it! The box that contained your textbook for your Heat Transfer class is made up of plastic and air.  They are selling you air....

Let's think again: What do you need to create this bag-o-air? A compressor (for the air), and plastic....well you might need a sealer and labeler...THAT'S IT!

This is why I consider Bag-O-Air to be one of the most ingenious inventions.  It's too simple to not be credited....

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