Friday, January 13, 2012

Freshman Advice

Freshman year is tough.  You don't understand where you fit in the scheme of things, especially academically, socially, and emotionally.  Academics is often sacrificed for social activities, and you never know when to reach a balance.  So my advice:
  • Do your best academically. Some people are 4.0 driven, which can be good.  But not everyone can get a's very difficult.  Do your assignments, ask for help, and do your best on the tests.  At the end of the 1st or 2nd quarter, you'll find where you rank and whether or not to'll probably have to, but that's okay :-)
  • Still have fun, especially if it's Friday night. Don't be afraid to get soaked in the rain. Or get lost in a city. Or microwaving CDs...actually I don't condone this. All I can say is, it wasn't my idea.
  • Socialize. This is NOT limited to your peers on your dorm floor.  Find clubs where you can meet upperclassmen (and valuable advice). Get a mentor.  Maybe find some graduate school friends? Finally, make small talk with your professors; they are people too! You might find that these actions will pay off early on. 
  • Look forward. Similar to my "Maintaining Foresight" post, be sure that you start building your resume early on.  Create a resume...even if it has High School stuff on it.  Attend to career fairs*. Talk to employers. Hand out your resume. See where your degree will take you.  It's better to find out these things very early on than getting 6 weeks to graduation and realizing you will be staring into a microscope all day (and you abhor it).
*Be prepared to be shot down because you are a "freshman."  It's okay. It happens to the best of us.  These recruiters don't realize that these same "freshmen" will be speaking to them in like...two years? And they don't forget things, haha. 

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