Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blended GPA's


Nassim here. While we all know GPA isn't everything, for those of you who transferred or completed the majority of your GE unit's prior to your current university, it's somewhat depressing not seeing those lovely grades reflected in your GPA.

Last quarter, when discussing my resume with industry representatives, I discovered blended GPA's. The idea is that, since students who aced their GE's at the current university can have that reflected in their GPA, then you can as well. You combine your two GPA's and present them as one (but be sure to clearly state what you are representing).


Schools Attended:

XXXX Community College 80 units
XXXXXXXXXX University 120 units

Blended/Combined GPA: 3.8

I was assured that it made no difference to the company, and gave students who had lower GPA's, due to taking upper division courses after transfer, a fighting chance over those who had done their entire four years at that university. While GPA is important, it is what comes after it (research, experience, extracurriculars, design teams, etc) that really matters, and this way it gives more students a change at making companies GPA cutoff.

Anyways, I know I won't be the only one redoing my resume for the career fairs coming up.

Best of luck!

N. Riazi

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