Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Everytime I drive my truck...Vroom!

You know what makes me feel like a total girl? Cars...

Do I know how to change the oil? Kinda.

But last April, I got a wonderful gift from my Grandpa...his Chevy Truck...
Image Courtesy of VWVortex

Personally, I call it "Sally" or "The Green Giant" (I think his name for it was "The Green Hornet" names are close enough)

To the point! This truck is manual.  No automatic transmission for my baby. :-)

The fact that my truck is manual has given me such a sense of accomplishment and freedom (in terms of cars)...and I finally feel like a Mechanical Engineer (I know having a stick says nothing about my accomplishments in the field of engineering, but hey! I can drive a stick :-P).

Sometimes I put on my bug glasses (see below), and see what kind of expressions I can get from people. It's a game of stereotypes that I LOVE to play :-)
Image Courtesy of UncleBoise

When is your favorite scenario to beat the stereotype? 

PS My truck doesn't look like/doesn't do tricks like the one above.  That picture just made me laugh that I HAD to post it.

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