Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Times have changed...only a little

What image comes to mind when you think "engineer"? Probably the one below.
*Image Courtesy of the Boeing Company
Skinny tie, pocket protector, clip board, the headsets that have come back in style....

But! Times have changed. Below is are the characteristics of your modern engineering student:
  • UC Davis Engineering Sweatshirt- Gotta shown them liberal arts majors who's boss. :-)
  • Jeans- Always gotta be ready to work in the machine shop...
  • New Balance/Boots- What's wrong with comfort and practicality?
  • Nalgene/Water Bottle- Who would ever want to buy water? Plus, Nalgene is borderline hipster.
  • Frizzy hair- Don't blame me.  I was working hard on my Controls homework last night.
What are other characteristics of engineering students?

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