Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How cool is that? Rapid Prototyping

I previously mentioned that was able to design and rapid prototype my Malroy part. What is rapid prototyping?
  • It is a technology with places material layer-by-layer to make very intricate parts.
  • Many of these parts cannot be manufactured using your everyday mill, lathe because the parts are too small or too intricate. 
  • It is revolutionary, especially since computers. You can design your own trinkets, jewelry, or use something very specific for a hobby/project.
    • Eg. The Malroy was a way to fit pins and clips together precisely.  I could have created a jig to put the part in, but the pieces are so small that this is hard to do. So my mentor told me to design something using Autodesk Inventor.  I did it in about 2 hours, and I had the part in my hands the next day.
Here's a video to show the cool stuff you can make!

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