Monday, November 14, 2011

Boom Boom Pow

Since studying absorbs most of my life, I usually accompany it with music. For some, music is a distraction, so I understand if you want to totally ignore this post.  Below are a few of my favorite music genres.

Techno/House Music: My favorite when writing papers for my GE classes! I feel like I start to type as fast as the music, and it makes my 10 pages go by very quickly.

Jazz: Also another favorite.  Usually best for a rainy day while you are casually running through your Calculus 2 problems. I love just be-bopping along. Ella Fizgerald is the best. :-)

Rainy Day: I absolutely love the sound of rain! This is my favorite to start my day. It just makes me want to have a nice hot cup of cocoa and fill my brain with all sorts of circuits problems.

Top 40 Pop: Usually good when you are just feeling down in the dumps. Ke$ha usually does it for me.  I just start singing along, and magically,  I feel better. Then, I'm ready to keep coding.

Rock/Metal: I'm from LA, and I truly miss KROQ.  But this genre helps me get over the problem I've been working on for hours.  I just get motivated, and then I figure it out! :-)

What is your favorite study music?

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